TreeHouse People

Animism has been a part of Japanese life since ancient times. Even after embracing modern day rationalism, the idea that nature is invested with various gods and spirits has not disappeared completely. Instead, it occupies a permanent place in the Japanese heart as a connection to our earliest roots and true culture. It is because we share this unique connection with nature, because it is the backbone of our identity as a people, that the first step in our design process should be to recognize the tree itself. By making contact with the host tree, by taking inspiration from the shapes which already exist in nature, we can unlock the door to artistic freedom.

We are a team. Through partnership with the Japan Treehouse Network, we promote the belief in treehouse creation as an art form and in raising public awareness of our national forests through treehouse based activities. Through partnership with the Hideaway staff, we offer a gateway to the world-wide treehouse community and a center for up-to-date information.

Three teams acting in cooperation - regardless of location, no matter what uses you devise, practical or otherwise, we will design and build a treehouse that fits your vision and that of the natural surroundings. We also assist in a broad range of other activities, including post-construction maintenance, event planning, landscape design, and contributing ideas for the practical use of wooded areas.