About Us
The GL Method.

All treehouses produced by Tree House Creations make use of the GL method of construction, which involves attaching a specially made bolt to the inner part of the tree. The GL method is a great improvement over earlier construction techniques, which included sandwiching the trunk with parts on both sides. This placed an undue burden on the cambium layer and was later linked to several problems, including stunting of the tree's growth.

The GL method is the result of over ten years of coordinated research by tree biologists and engineers at the World Treehouse Conference in Oregon. As of this date, it has been proven to be the method which is most effective and least harmful to the tree itself. @

With that said, it must be acknowledged that even with these advanced construction techniques, drilling holes in the bark and attaching metal bolts cannot be said to be good for the tree's health. We are not ecologists in the traditional sense of the word. Our job is to excite people and re-ignite their interest in nature. In the long term, this will serve to focus more attention on the forests themselves, in the short term, it will fulfill a need in city residents to re-experience the raw excitement of the outdoors. We know from personal experience that nothing can fulfill this need better than climbing into a treehouse. It is a form of amusement free from all systems or ideologies. Primitive, yet modern. Through treehouses we find fun, adventure, and feel on a deeper level, the importance of nature in our daily lives.